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Wecoline pads by Americo best alternative for Glit Floor pads

Wecoline by Americo floor pads fulfill every end-user’s demands. There are pads with the best properties for every type of floor cleaning. Most pads have been made of hundred percent recycled materials.

Glit’s CEO, David J. Feldman, recommends Wecoline pads by Americo as the most suitable supplier of floor pads. He said this after the announced closure of the Glit factory in Wrens (USA). In his letter to Glit’s customers, he recommends Americo as the technologically most advanced producer. As Americo’s preferred supplier, Wecoline is the logical supplier to the European market.

Now that the Glit products are no longer available, Wecoline offers an excellent alternative for the sudden demand that has come into being. With Wecoline pads by Americo, continuity is guaranteed. The pads are manufactured in top quality materials. Thanks also to Wecoline’s super-fast delivery from stock, quality and progress can be relied upon.

Choosing Wecoline pads by Americo means not just a seamless transfer to a new supplier. More than anything, it is a switch to quality of the highest level.